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December 2018

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. Merry Christmas
  2. IPECC and IPE Discussions
  3. 4th Class PSR required change in wording
  4. Welcome to new Directors and a Thank You to those that are leaving.
Merry Christmas

The Area Directors and the National Office staff would like to extend to you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

May the flame in your boilers never fail or your chillers trip unnecessarily. May all of those who are working shifts over the holidays know the assistance of elves and not the disaster from gremlins. And may all the trusted safety devices work like new but never actuate without good reason.

IPECC and IPE Discussions

IPECC was started by the Standardization of Power Engineering Examinations Committee (SOPEEC) as an ad hoc committee in 1974. Much of its funding and support had come from SOPEEC during the early part of its existence. In recent years, IPECC has had to become self funded through conference fees and corporate sponsorship. To date IPECC does not have legal standing and has relied on the IPE to be the signing authority for securing hotel contracts for the annual conference. While it is still considered a part of SOPEEC, IPECC has managed to stand both financially and structurally on its own as it should. Maintaining its independence is considered paramount to the continuance of IPEEC’s integrity.
The main challenge for IPECC is its lack of legal structure and it has approached the IPE to see if there is a way that the IPE and IPECC may be able to join together. The joining of IPECC and IPE may make sense as Power Engineer education is one of the pillars of the IPE, and IPECC does not have a well-defined existence, but there remains a lot of work to be done before any steps can be made towards making this a permanent option. The hope is to have an offer to put to the attending members of IPECC in June 2019.

4th Class PSR required change in wording (pg. 30 – Task AG4-Confined Space)

The Practical Skills Record book for the 4th Class was temporarily removed from circulation as an issue was discovered that had legal implications. The issue was with having the student actively participate in the development of a Confined Space Training Plan. The word “participate” assumes a level of knowledge and responsibility of a trained and competent worker who would be expected to participate in the development of a confined space procedure.

A student is more likely to assist in the development as this implies a lesser level of competency and knowledge of the student. By leaving the word "participated" in, it allows the student to be considered competent to develop a procedure on their own.
The correct word to use is "observed" as this maintains the student in a learning position and not as a trained competent position.

The IPE has been working with PanGlobal to A) correct the wording on any additional copies that are to be printed and B) to put an insert into the 4th Class PSRs that have been printed as a correction notice. The 4th Class PSR should be now available for purchase.

Welcome to new Directors and a Thank You to those leaving

Every year, the IPE as a whole takes a moment to reflect on how it is to be managed through the holding of elections. The IPE is run by volunteers who graciously give their time and talent to help power the one organization that actively represents and supports Power Engineers across Canada. Changes in personal commitments and professional obligations means that there will be changes in who will be elected to the roles that the policy and direction of the IPE at all levels comes from. The elections at the National level took place on October 26th, 2018 and the following members will represent the IPE membership for the year of 2019 starting on January 1st.

National President
Blair Saulnier PE (Nova Scotia Branch, Maritimes Area)

Past President (Director of York Area for IPE)
Ralf Klopf (Toronto Branch, Ontario Area)

1st Vice President
Ed Hnytka PE (Edmonton Branch, Alberta Area)

2nd Vice President
Dave Paulin PE (Vancouver Branch, British Columbia Area)

Manitoba Area Director
William (Bill) Kalinowich (Winnipeg Branch)

Ontario Area Director (provisional)
Randy Purves (Owen Sound Sub-Branch of London Branch, Ontario Area)

Maritime Area (provisional)
Richard Deveau PE (Nova Scotia Branch)

Note: A Provisional Director is elected by an Area when their current Area Director becomes the National President and then Past National President. The Provisional Director is able to maintain the ability of an Area to have a say and vote on behalf of their Area at all National Directors meetings. The National President does not have a vote except if there is a tie among the Directors. The Past National President has one vote as the Director of York Area and does not directly represent members.


IPE National Directors and Executive

Ralf Klopf, President

Blair Saulnier, PE, 1st Vice President (Maritimes Area Director)

Eric Steinson, PE, Past President, York Director (IPE)

Ed Hnytka, PE, Alberta Area Director

Dave Paulin, PE, British Columbia Area Director

William (Bill) Kalinowich,Second Vice-President, Manitoba Area Director

Mitch McNeil, PE, York Director (IPECC)

Pete Chamberland, Ontario Area Director

Allan Whetter, National Secretary Email

Don Purser, Assistant National Secretary

Jude Rankin, PE, Advice in Council

National Office Email

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