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April, 2018

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. IPE Ontario Turbine Users Group (TUG)
  2. IPE is looking to send two (2) members to the Sask Chiefs Association
  3. Nat Directors are continuing to receive quotes for updating the National Website
  4. Kingston had over 40 members attend a presentation by the Director of OE and BPV.
IPE Ontario Turbine Users Group (TUG) 20MW and under, June 5th, 2018

IPE Ontario Area had been approached by CEM Engineering, an engineering firm that specializes in assisting the turbine industry, to be the front for a Turbine Users Group (TUG). In the 90’s, turbines emerged as an economical means to generate power. The technology had progressed to the point that 100MW and larger could be produced with minimal lead time. There were of course both development and implementation challenges of this technology with its integration into the electricity market. A Turbine Users Group was formed as a venue where knowledge and experience could be shared. After a while, the need for this venue faded and it was abandoned.

Today’s turbine market is both very different in its size as well as the technology that is available. Challenges exist today with operating turbines in Ontario that weren’t there 30 years ago. Much of the small turbine market operates “behind the fence” or to reduce the amount of electricity purchased off the grid because of its high cost and the low price for natural gas. Owners of turbines that are 20 MW and under will have a venue where they will be able to learn about how the electricity market is changing with peak days and global adjustments and what changes are on the horizon for the fuel they burn in terms of green house gas emissions and the greening of the fuel delivery system.

The IPE Ontario Area has been consistently developing the image as the representative of the profession for the past 15 years. Projects like the Gathering of Colleges, Education Forum and Power Engineers Round Table have put the IPE in Ontario out front as the public face for the Power Engineer Profession. Last year, a new website was launched that mirrored the image that the IPE Ontario Area has cultivated and will provide the means of effectively communicate to the wide world what the Power Engineer profession is all about. Having a well-respected engineering firm choose our profession to be the front of a forum for better understanding of technology we manage and operate is huge. For more information on the Turbine Users Group, go to

IPE is looking to send to members to the Chief Power Engineers Association, Saskatchewan

There is a group of Power Engineers who are moving forwards to create an Industry Association of Chief Power Engineers focused on operational excellence brought about by continuously improving and optimizing Power Engineering Standards and Regulations within the Province of Saskatchewan. The goals are A) Provide a forum for information exchange and discussion between Chief Power Engineers on common operational and maintenance issues and other issues regarding regulations and standards of equipment, components, services and concerns relating to safety, reliability, integrity and operational philosophies. B) To provide industry input to the local jurisdiction, The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK), for the development of Industry Best Practices and TSASK requirements and directives. C) In conjunction with TSASK, provide input to help achieve more uniform and value-added interpretations regarding the operational portion of {The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act (1999).}

The IPE is interested in these developments in Saskatchewan and will be following the progress through active engagement via telephone conference calls and in person. We applaud the formation of a group whose goals or part of their goal is the promotion of Power Engineer interests. The IPE will be there to monitor and lend support as needed or warranted. The first meeting will be on May 9th at the TSAK office in Regina.

Nat Directors are continuing to receive quotes for updating the National Website

There is continued progress being made on procuring a new website platform that will provide a secure and professional look that will also be cost effective. We are going from a 20+ year old site to a platform that allows for full content management by non-web design people. Because this is a big step in technology as well as the change in how we would like to be seen, the directors are being careful in their selection of the next web platform. The industry standard for website renewal is typically 3 years (fast) to 5 years (slow). We are looking at the long-term commitments required when we look at renewing the site. The costs associated with the initial update should not need to be repeated on subsequent updates provided that the platform and the vendor who is chosen fits with our long-term goals. The website is the public view and a member’s source of information regarding our profession. Getting it right can be a challenge when we are representing a National Power Engineer Profession.

Kingston had over 40 members attend a presentation by the Director of OE and BPV

On March 28th, the IPE Kingston Branch hosted Mike Adams, Director OE and BPV. There were over 40 people in attendance. Some came from the insurance inspection sector. The focus of the presentation was around the new fee structure for the Boiler and Pressure inspection process. Previously, the certificate of inspection (COI) was obtained from either the TSSA inspector or from the insurance company inspector. Up until now, there were no fees associated with this service. Going forward, Insurers will only be providing a “Report of Inspection” (ROI) for each vessel inspected. After receiving the ROI from the insurer, the owner (user) will then need to make application (with a fee) to the TSSA for the new COI in order to allow for the continued operation of the equipment. The TSSA is a not for profit organization and the BPV section had not been able to cover their operating costs as per the regulation. Also, as per their mandate and responsibilities, TSSA could not adequately verify that all pressure vessels were inspected as outlined in the BPV Reg. 2001. Mike also talked about the Operating Engineer Regulation review process. There is still a lot of work to be done by the Task Group on the Draft OE Reg. 2000.

IPE Events across Canada – Are you going?

The IPE has members and Branches across Canada. There are events that members are attending and/or organizing on behalf of the profession occurring in an Area near you. Below is a list of events you may be interested in attending. If you are, consider bringing a friend.

BC Area
Vancouver Branch

  • April 18 – General Meeting
  • May 16 – General Meeting – Awards Presentations
  • June 23 – Family BBQ – (date is flexible at this time)

    Victoria Branch

  • April 18 – General Meeting
  • June 16 – General Meeting

    Alberta Area
    Calgary Branch

  • BOA (Calgary) Trade Show. The IPE, Calgary Branch will be represented with a booth

    Manitoba Area
    There will be a Branch General Meeting on April 18th with guest speaker from SUEZ (formerly GE Water) on Legionella bacteria control in cooling tower applications. Another speaker will present on upcoming Power Engineer training programs for candidates seeking to attain their Second Class certification.

    Ontario Area

  • Kingston Branch General meeting with guest speaker, March 28th – Mike Adams, OE and BPV Director, TSSA
  • IPE Ontario Area Representatives meeting April 7th Toronto
  • Toronto Branch Annual Golf Tournament May 8th
  • Gathering of Colleges – May 24th at Conestoga College
  • Ottawa Branch Annual Golf Tournament – June 8th

    Maritimes Area

  • Tour of NSPI in March
  • Plant tour in April – date TBA
  • Plant tour in May – date TBA
  • Awards presentations in June – TBA
  • Lobster Boil in July – date TBA
  • Annual Golf Tournament – date TBA

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