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April 2018

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:

  1. Operations Memo FM-2C (Financial General) is being updated.
  2. IPECC Sponsorship
  3. IPE Events across Canada – Are you going?
  4. Membership – it can travel.
Operations Memo FM-2C (Financial General)

From time to time we all need to take a look at how our personal finances are being managed. We ask ourselves, is there a better way to do this? Am I getting the best value for the work that I have been doing? The same process takes place with organizations. Can we do a better job with the money? Operations Memo FM-2C sets out how the finances of the IPE are to be handled. It lays out what forms of payments are acceptable (electronic to be added), when cheques are to be generated each month, what is to be done about events that either run a loss (not usually recommended) or a surplus. The issue surrounding what happens when an event like an AGM occurs and there is a profit realized. The current requirement set out in FM-2C is very out of date. There are a few options in front of the Directors to consider. There is also changes to where funds that are not membership should go to such as royalties and event surplus remittance. Directing these none scheduled funds to Special Projects is one consideration. If you are interested in learning more about the changes to Ops-memo FM-2C or any other of the 94 Operation Memos, please contact your Area Director.

IPECC Sponsorship

The Inter-Provincial Power Engineer Curriculum Committee (IPECC) meets each year to discuss changes and improvements to the curriculum that all Power Engineers are recommended to study when challenging the SOPEEC examinations. Many of those who attend the IPECC conference are IPE members which is great. The IPE also supports the event by assisting in securing the hotel and rooms for the event as well as providing a $500.00 sponsorship. The IPE values education and continues to promote professional development through its support of IPECC each year. We have recently added the position of Director for York Area (IPECC) to enhance the coordination and understanding between the IPE and IPECC. Education of Power Engineers has always been a keen interest of the IPE. Sponsoring IPECC is just one of the on-going ways we show our support for the profession.

IPE Events across Canada – Are you going?

The IPE has members and Branches across Canada. There are events that members are attending and/or organizing on behalf of the profession occurring in an Area near you. Below is a list of events you may be interested in attending. If you are, consider bringing a friend.

BC Area
Vancouver Branch
        - April 18 – General Meeting
        - May 16 – General Meeting – Awards Presentations
        - June 23 – Family BBQ – (date is flexible at this time)

Victoria Branch
        - April 18 – General Meeting
        - June 16 – General Meeting

Alberta Area
Edmonton Branch
        - every 3rd Tuesday – General Meeting

Calgary Branch
        - May - attending the Building Operators Association Trade Fair
        - June - Plant Tour - details to follow

Manitoba Area
There will be a Branch General Meeting on April 18th with guest speaker from SUEZ (formerly GE Water) on Legionella bacteria control in cooling tower applications. Another speaker will present on upcoming Power Engineer training programs for candidates seeking to attain their Second Class certification.

Ontario Area
Kingston Branch General meeting with guest speaker, March 28th – Mike Adams, OE and BPV Director, TSSA
IPE Ontario Area Representatives meeting April 7th Toronto
Toronto Branch Annual Golf Tournament May 8th
Gathering of Colleges – May 24th at Conestoga College
Ottawa Branch Annual Golf Tournament – June 8th

Maritimes Area
Tour of NSPI in March
Plant tour in April – date TBA
Plant tour in May – date TBA
Awards presentations in June – TBA
Lobster Boil in July – date TBA
Annual Golf Tournament – date TBA

Membership – it can travel.

Since 2008, the Labour Mobility Act has ensured that any Power Engineer in Canada can move to live and work anywhere in Canada without having to re qualify their technical knowledge. Membership with the IPE has been that way since 1940!!! The IPE has been a promoter of a national education and certification since the profession began. Just as the technology that we manage is the same no matter where in Canada we work your membership with the IPE is the same. Just check out the local Branch and/Area to see what’s happening and maybe get involved. It’s great way to meet friends when far from home.

Stuff from the previous edition that may be of continued interest.

June 17th to 21st in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
The Inter-Provincial Power Engineer Curriculum Committee (IPECC) is the only body that has direct control of the content that any Power Engineer in Canada uses to study. This group is responsible for the ensuring the Power Engineer curriculum is kept current on a 5-year cycle for each class. IPECC members are individuals from the jurisdictions, Power Engineer training facilities and industry. There is no pre-requisite to be a member of any committee other than having a genuine interest in achieving progress in the knowledge of Power Engineers. If you think that you have knowledge and experience that would be valuable, please consider attending the IPECC Conference.

1st and 2nd Class Committee
3rd Class Committee
4th Class Committee
Refrigeration Committee
Reference Guide Committee
For more information, please go to IPECC.

Value for Membership – Corporate account at Discount Car and Truck Rental

Your membership with the IPE can pay off in other ways now. You can now get a real discount at Discount Car and Truck Rental when you ask for the Corporate Rate. The IPE has a corporate account that can be used at over 200 locations across Canada. Just call Toll Free: 1 (888) 412-3733 and quote the IPE Account number 21818 - INSTITUTE OF POWER ENGINEERS. You be required to show your membership at the time of pick up of the vehicle.

The National Directors and Executive are working for the benefit of all Power Engineers across Canada. This communication is only one means of keeping our members informed. If you have any comments in general you would like to share, please contact your Area Director or the National Office at


IPE National Directors and Executive

Ralf Klopf, President

Blair Saulnier, PE, 1st Vise President (Maritimes Area Director)

Eric Steinson, PE, Past President, York Director (IPE)

Ed Hnytka, PE, Alberta Area Director

Dave Paulin, PE, British Columbia Area Director

William (Bill) Kalinowich,Second Vice-President, Manitoba Area Director

Mitch McNeil, PE, York Director (IPECC)

Pete Chamberland, Ontario Area Director

Allan Whetter, National Secretary Email

Don Purser, Assistant National Secretary

Jude Rankin, PE, Advice in Council

National Office Email

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