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February 2018

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. BC’s collaboration day has changed its date.
  2. What do members look for in professional development?
  3. The National Constitution and Bylaws will be reviewed this year.
  4. PECC is coming up and you can be a part of it.
BC’s Collaboration Day (annual events)

BC Collaboration Day has changed its day. It will take place on September 14, 2018 at BCIT. The topics will be focused on the refrigeration industry in BC. More details to come.

What do members look for in professional development?

Power Engineers, by the nature of their training, are generally well informed. Their employers also provide additional knowledge and training that is specific to the workplace and is often what is mandatory by regulations. There are a few rare instances where there are opportunities for the Power Engineer to gain knowledge outside of the work-related variety. The IPE across Canada provides opportunities for professional development at both the Branch and Area levels. At events like the Chief’s Conference in Nova Scotia, Education Forum and Round Table in Ontario and BC Collaboration Day.

Professional Development can come in many forms. We are very interested in hearing from you, the member, regarding what you feel would be beneficial. Please drop us a line regarding your ideas for Professional Development at and we will be sure to share them with the Area Directors and those active in providing professional development on behalf of the IPE.

The National Constitution and Bylaws will be reviewed this year

The IPE is like any other legal entity in that we need to take stock of what we stand for by reviewing the legal framework that gives us our right to exist. The constitution and bylaws provide us the “rules of the road” by which we are to operate as a non-soliciting not for profit organization. The review will look at ensuring that the language in the constitution and bylaws is up to date and truly reflects what the IPE of today is and hopes to go. One of the questions that is of keen interest to Power Engineers is the ability to have the letters PE added to their name as a sign of professional designation for Power Engineers. Other items are job descriptions, requirements for life membership, etc. The proposed amendments will be first put before the Area Directors and then communicated to the membership in advance of the AGM this year which will be taking place in Mississauga, Ontario October 27th in conjunction with the IPE Ontario Education Forum and Round Table.

IPECC is coming up and you can be a part of it.

June 17th to 21st in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
The Inter-Provincial Power Engineer Curriculum Committee (IPECC) is the only body that has direct control of the content that any Power Engineer in Canada uses to study. This group is responsible for the ensuring the Power Engineer curriculum is kept current on a 5-year cycle for each class. IPECC members are individuals from the jurisdictions, Power Engineer training facilities and industry. There is no pre-requisite to be a member of any committee other than having a genuine interest in achieving progress in the knowledge of Power Engineers. If you think that you have knowledge and experience that would be valuable, please consider attending the IPECC Conference.

1st and 2nd Class Committee
3rd Class Committee
4th Class Committee
Refrigeration Committee
Reference Guide Committee
For more information, please go to IPECC.


IPE National Directors and Executive

Ralf Klopf, President

Blair Saulnier, PE, 1st Vise President (Maritimes Area Director)

Eric Steinson, PE, Past President, York Director (IPE)

Ed Hnytka, PE, Alberta Area Director

Dave Paulin, PE, British Columbia Area Director

William (Bill) Kalinowich,Second Vice-President, Manitoba Area Director

Mitch McNeil, PE, York Director (IPECC)

Gilles Leclair, Ontario Area Director

Allan Whetter, National Secretary Email

Don Purser, Assistant National Secretary

Jude Rankin, PE, Advice in Council

National Office Email

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